Give us the dirt.

Transparency and solidarity around our lands, from the ground up: There is tremendous work being done to keep this planet of ours in one piece. And yet what we can’t see happening, we assume isn’t. We wait, feet tapping, for dirt to perform spectacular feats. We whine and kick at it when we don’t getContinue reading “Give us the dirt.”

Of farmers & artists.

In a chat yesterday, I was hit with yet another of what’s become a daily dose of doubts and affirmations about what I’m doing here. I entered this field with full transparency, as someone who cares deeply but has no roots in farming, agriculture or any real knowledge of the land. It took a rapidContinue reading “Of farmers & artists.”

An intro to bothering.

Bothering gets a bum rap. Its unsung interpretation, which I’ve further dusted off and polished, is taking the trouble. This site wasn’t created as a hub for my irritations in this world, only my bothers: the troubles our earth is facing, and the trouble we should take to set things right. *As right as canContinue reading “An intro to bothering.”

Touching base.

Frozen curry by candlelight to the tunes of a hand-cranked radio: powerless under quarantine. For those of us all too aware of how little time there is to waste, and with the pack to which I belong already late to the game, lockdown’s been no excuse to slow down. Getting blindsided by a three-day powerContinue reading “Touching base.”

Stay tuned

Find out first what material is en route to the site, what actions are taking offing from the site, and thoughts along the way.

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