bothered earth

a hub for neighborly ventures into making things
right in this world

There’s a bigger picture to be seen; it’s time we fill those gaps in our conversations with stories of resilience and camaraderie.

Our bothered earth is one that’s been tilted off balance by a misuse of its resources and mistreatment of its inhabitants, but also stirred to set things right.

This is a stage set to spotlight the individual, organizational, tribal, scientific, youth & unsung champions giving this good earth all they’ve got.

Explore the site for bios, reports and current initiatives happening right under our noses on the farm, throughout the city, in the lab & at school.

Good. The site serves to amplify voices of the underserved and elevate efforts of those living to serve by creating change in our environment, food systems, agricultural practices, educational approaches & community development.

But it doesn’t exist only to inform. This is an invitation to content creators, educators, influencers and all to seize on stories that could use more spotlight.

Have a look, get in touch. Let’s see where you’re coming from. Together we’ll map out where to turn next.

much to come

Here to build some bridges: Over a decade deep into the arts and film industries, Bec Sloane has pivoted into a career within the agroecological sphere. In the interim, she is linking her production resources and network with continued research into this new field. Building upon experience as a content creator and educator, Sloane looks to foster better communications among ag practitioners and the general public, underrepresented communities and policy makers, youth leaders and our most pressing causes as a society and planet.

Through storytelling, research, and collaboration this site serves to seek and amplify voices that have the potential to make a truly great impact.

The following is a series of articles I have written in collaboration with IMM-Print (Freedom for Immigrants), shedding light on the experiences of U.S. migrant farmworkers throughout COVID-19 and beyond:

Though live, this site is still in its infancy and appreciates your interest & patience if you happen to stumble across it.

Some stones to cross along the way: