An intro to bothering.

Bothering gets a bum rap. Its unsung interpretation, which I’ve further dusted off and polished, is taking the trouble. This site wasn’t created as a hub for my irritations in this world, only my bothers: the troubles our earth is facing, and the trouble we should take to set things right.

*As right as can be.

Like many environmentalists, I’m as much an optimist as I am a realist. It’s true, I carry a degree of hope. But I recognize that if everyone on earth dropped what they were doing and committed themselves – heart, soul & time – to fixing this planet, it would not undo the damage done. I know that there are solutions to nearly every agricultural and economic hurdle we face already out there, but only a handful will be adopted and only a pinch of those embraced in time to effect real change. And I know that some are better situated to take action than others, that a step in the right direction for some can be a heavy blow to others, that many of these Somes and Others will never see eye to eye.

But I also know that amid all of that, there is a cause worth fighting for. And from this songbird’s view it is one cause, not many; it’s sustaining life.

The sooner our societies embrace that worldview and we allow interconnectivity and intersectionality to take hold, the sooner our millions of individual efforts can be interwoven to suture some of the wounds we’ve inflicted.

In other words, it’s something worth bothering about.

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