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What you’ll find here: Resources, organizations & initiatives led by and for farming communities, tribal nations, youth and prominent figures in ag research, tech and practice. Stories from multi-generational farmers, BIPOC producers, indigenous chefs, migrant farmworkers & their respective families, children and champions.

As you explore the media throughout each section, you’ll find links to point you toward deeper dives, collaborators and calls to action.

Down the line, you’ll hear from our own network of writers & journalists, educators & innovators, illustrators & content creators building powerful narratives to move people toward environmental, agricultural and social justice awareness as we equip our underrepresented neighbors with hope and support.

Farming as New Americans

Struggles and successes of migrant, immigrant & refugee farmers from around the world planting new roots in U.S. soil. Supportive organizations and movements geared toward improving their quality of life in America and in agriculture.

Rural & Tribal Communities

Resources for rural and tribal communities, our neighbors most closely tied to the land and most immediately impacted by how it is used, misused and used up. Stories and efforts of these often overlooked groups fighting to preserve both land and culture.

Transfers, Transitions & Reparations

Exploring the opportunities, initiatives and discussions encircling the passing on- and sharing of land among different generations, communities and individuals, and in response to deeply rooted histories.

Farm to School & Beyond

The growing and evolving farm-t0-school/institution movement has many faces and is occurring across the States. Farm tours, school gardens, outdoor learning, cafeterias stocked with locally sourced produce & more.

Feeling the Heat

Narratives by and about BIPOC farmers and producers in response to COVID-19, Black Lives Matter & global warming. Advocacy toward advancing environmental policy change in the name of social equity for frontline communities & for all.

Out There in the Field

Media, interviews and profile pieces shining a light on prominent figures making waves in agriculture and ag-technology, food systems and sovereignty, soil science and agronomy .

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