food, land & water

tribal nations & Indigenous communities

Resources for tribal nations & Indigenous communities, throughout the States and across North America/Turtle Island: our neighbors most closely tied to the land and most immediately impacted by how it is used, misused and used up. While there are, no doubt, tie-ins at every turn, the focus of this page will be upon land, agriculture and cultural preservation. So here first are some quick links to other areas you may be scouting for. As always, don’t hesitate to reach out to suggest content, stories or additional information & resources.

Much to come.
In the meantime, browse the following organizations advocating for tribal & indigenous rights throughout the region.

National Tribal Land Association
Indigenous Food & Agriculture Initiative
Native American Agriculture Fund
Advancing Ag Science Opportunities for Native Americans
Nat’l Tribal Waste Management Peer Matching Program
Blackfeet Agriculture Resource Management Plan
Interior Alaska Land Trust
Tribal Technical Assistance to Brownfields

Intertribal Agriculture Council
Indian Land Tenure Foundation
Native American Food Sovereignty Alliance
Native American Rangelands Partnership
Institute for Tribal Environmental Professionals
Rural Desert Southwest Brownfields Coalition
Bristol Bay Native Corporation
Council for Native American Farming & Ranching
Ama Mutsun Land Trust
Friends of Cedar Mesa
Utah Heritage Stewardship Program
Alaska Federation of Natives
Three Affiliated Tribes Environmental Division
Navajo Nation San Juan River Farm Board
St. Regis Mohawk Tribal Brownfields Response Program
Southern Ute Indian Tribe Environmental Programs Division
Yukon River Inter-Tribal Watershed Council
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