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There’s something about the history of farming. As soon as we start doing something well, we often start doing it so well that things turn out badly: the plow, the cow, and now the apple. Tool, animal, crop. When we capitalize too heavily on any one thing, we devalue other things that might be even more important to our communities than money.

– Philip Ackerman-Leist, A Precautionary Tale

This page is just coming into being, and there’s plenty en route. In the meantime, peppering in some links to organizations, initiatives and a range of articles letting our rural neighbors know: we see you, we hear you, we’re on our way.

Rural Assembly
[…] We know rural America is more than its trauma and more than the convenient stereotypes and stories that dominate public discourse. It is a place of innovation, tight-knit communities, and civic participation. It is fire departments and schools and local organizations making a difference. There is an opportunity right now to draw the connections between rural and its counterparts, to name the roads, fibers, and futures that connect us. To craft a future of us and ours.

The Rural Assembly exists in this space, tending relationships and changing perceptions in service to healing a divided nation.

Rural LISC [Local Initiatives Support Corporation]
With residents and partners, Rural LISC supports resilient and inclusive rural communities as great places to live, work, play and innovate.
Access to capital
Broadband & Infrastructure
Disaster Response & Resilience Planning
Workforce Development
Special Initiatives

RCAC [Rural Community Assistance Corp]
Nonprofit organization that provides training, technical and financial resources and advocacy so rural communities can achieve their goals and visions.

RCAC works with low-income rural communities, where unemployment rates are high, housing is often sub-standard, and poverty is commonplace. Many of these communities also face daunting challenges to access affordable, safe drinking water and other vital infrastructure. Rural communities are often overlooked in the policy arena because they lack the resources, training or social network that larger communities have in place. RCAC includes Tribes and Native communities in all program areas.

Rural Voices USA [Rural America 2020]
Educating Americans on how policies affect rural America. Working to highlight misguided policies that have left rural communities behind and to advocate for policies that will benefit rural Americans and their communities. Sharing Stories. Our Issues:
– Support for Rural Health Care.
– Support for an Effective COVID Response.
– Support for the U.S. Postal Service.
– Support for American Agriculture.
– Support for Rural Education.
– Support for Rural Broadband.

RCAP [Rural Community Assistancee Partnership]
RCAP is a non-profit network reaching rural and small communities in all 50 states to improve quality of life by starting at the tap.
Videos & webinars
Training events (by region)
Assistance & support

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