Touching base.

Frozen curry by candlelight to the tunes of a hand-cranked radio: powerless under quarantine.

For those of us all too aware of how little time there is to waste, and with the pack to which I belong already late to the game, lockdown’s been no excuse to slow down. Getting blindsided by a three-day power outage on top of that – well. That was something to contend with. A few days is of course nothing compared to what others have experienced following natural disasters, and I was personally grateful to have witnessed a two-weeker during Hurricane Sandy for some perspective. But it did take an effort filling the gap in momentum.

I bring this up to touch base with those of you who are just beginning to get involved – whether in environmental work, social movements, whatever your cause – and seem to be drowning in either information or despair. Don’t get hung up on “too little, too late” and don’t panic when your battery dies. While we shouldn’t take our time here for granted, we can for now at least take our breaths, and give tomorrow credit for its patience.

Locked in or out, lights on or off, we can chug along.

I, for one, intend to use everything in my arsenal. Even if (by day three of no power or internet) that meant little more than hand-drawn infographics done by lantern light. What would day three look like for you?

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