Caring about Earth means caring about earth, through and through. As we’ll hear more than once from the following, soil health = human health. Sustainable agriculture, food sovereignty, climate change, environmental justice and life as we know it are all rooted in the same place.

We ought to stop & give it the time of day.

Back soon with resources, media & a good deal of content. In the mean time, here’s a glimpse of just how many are already on the job.

Click for links to their sites & resources.

Soil Health Institute
Soil Health Partnership
Global Soil Partnership
New York Soil Health
Western New York Soil Health Alliance
FFAR Soil Health Initiative
Farmers for Healthy Soils / Health Waters
Dakota Innovation Research & Technology (DIRT)
California DOA
Soil Health Initiative
Pacific Regional Society of Soil Science
Soil Science Society of America
NC Assn. of Soil & Water Conservation Districts
North Coast Soil Hub
International Soil Carbon Network
Erosion Control Technology Council

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