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There’s a reason you’re hearing about our current social movements fastening themselves to environmental causes & vice verse; it isn’t the first time the two have shared a space – in fact they have for much longer and in more ways than most of us realize. Environmental justice (EJ) & environmental racism are hot topics right now with good reason, not least of which is that – in addition to being long overdue in getting our attention – they are crucially time sensitive in the face of an ongoing pandemic and ominous changes in climate.

There is a lot of ground to cover here and you can expect regular updates.
Let’s begin with some powerful stories that dive into environmental racism & climate justice.

Still en route: listings of the numerous EJ organizations, initiatives and movements; resources, stats & infographics; personal narratives & projects. In the mean time, check on your state & see what EJ activity is happening at home.

Urgent Call to Mayor Lightfoot: Prioritize Racial Justice in Food, Health & Quality of Life

Chicago Food Policy Action Council
(Jun, 2020)

The signatories of this Call to Action – comprising Chicago’s food, agriculture,
public health, and environmental communities – call on Mayor Lori Lightfoot to
commit to long-term funding that prioritizes basic human needs in response to
this moment of justified outrage.

Where Gov’t Aid Falls Short, Grassroots Fund Helps Family Farms

Community Alliance with Family Farmers
(May, 2020)

“A lot of socially disadvantaged farmers lack technical know-how, and face significant language barriers to apply to the various COVID-19 pandemic related federal relief programs. This fund, with a very simple application process, might be the only financial assistance these farmers receive to help support them during this crisis,” 

How Urban Ag Can Fight Racism in the Food System

Bioneers, via Civil Eats
(Jul, 2020)

The food system is not broken; it’s working exactly the way it’s supposed to: as a caste system based on demographics, economics, and race. If we’re going to transform this food system, we have to look at power and who has power.

EJ & Nat’l Environmental Groups Advance a Historic Joint Climate Platform

Center for American Progress
(Jul, 2019)

This bold and historic platform highlights a shared vision and calls for national climate action that confronts racial, economic, and environmental injustice as it enacts deep cuts in climate pollution and accelerates a pollution-free energy future that benefits all communities.

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