agroecology + COVID-19

Surveying Global Agroecological Efforts to Support Pandemic Recovery & Food Sovereignty

11 June 2020
Family Farmers And Farmworkers Face The Virus
How Food Sovereignty Activists See The Crisis as a Pivotal Moment for Change

“The following is a special edition, eight-page Backgrounder covering the experiences and insights from farmers and farmworkers during the COVID-19 pandemic”

20 May 2020
Can Haiti Reinvent Itself Post Covid-19?
Covid-19 can do for Haiti what the end of the Cold War did for Cuba

“The million-dollar question now is: What sign from heaven are we Haitians waiting on to start producing our own food?”

6 July 2020
A nation that cannot feed itself is not free
La Via Campesina / International Peasants Movement

“In the second poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, there are no hunger flags flying. The market stalls are stocked, customers are buying,  and prices are stable. Nicaraguan small farmers produce almost all the food the nation consumes, and have some left over for export. We will examine how this is possible.”

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