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Environmental, sustainability and ag-themed books, audiobooks, journals & other recommended literature. The list includes nonfiction & fiction, scientific & historical reference, timeless classics & new releases, biographies, children’s and picture books. Let us know if you’re reading or listening to something you feel the rest of us should know about!

Blessed Unrest
Paul Hawken

Braiding Sweetgrass
Robin Wall Kimmerer

The Wizard & the Prophet
Charles C. Mann

Silent Spring
Rachel Carson

Superman’s Not Coming
Erin Brockovich

American Grown
Michelle Obama

The Worst Hard Time
Timothy Egan

The Log from the Sea of Cortez
John Steinbeck

A Precautionary Tale
Philip Ackerman-Leist

Who Really Feeds the World?
Vandana Shiva

Farming While Black
Leah Penniman

Paul Hawken

“The Hidden Life of Trees”
Peter Wohlleben

“Last Child in the Woods”
Richard Louv

Reclaiming the Commons
Vandana Shiva

“Dirt: The Ecstatic Skin of the Earth”
William Bryant Logan

Tales of Two Planets
John Freeman

“The Good Earth [Trilogy]”
Pearl S. Buck

“A Sand County Almanac”
Aldo Leopold

“The Overstory”
Richard Powers

“What are People For?”
Wendell Berry

“Guns, Germs, and Steel”
Jared Diamond

“The Gulf: The Making of
an American Sea”
Jack E. Davis

“The Mushroom at the
End of the World”
Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing

The Poisonwood Bible
Barbara Kingsolver

“Tale of Two Americas”
John Freeman

“Gathering Moss”
Robin Wall Kimmerer

“The Starfish & the Spider”
Rod Beckstrom

“Unaccustomed Earth”
Jhumpa Lahiri

Michael Pollan

“Cradle to Cradle”
William McDonough

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