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Healing the Land is Healing Ourselves
(May, 2020)

All My Relations

Community organizer, citizen scientist, activist, water protector, entrepreneur, writer, gardener & Diné woman, Kim Smith;

Aiming to understand how violence on the land is violence on our bodies, and that the inverse can also be true;

1200+ mile Journey For Existence, walked to all of the sacred mountains of her people. Discusses healing land in her home town of St. Michaels, AZ & long-term citizen science project to collect data from Navajo people about the impact of extractive energy plants in their homelands.

National Parks – The Business of Nature
(Aug, 2018)

American History Tellers

America’s greatest National Parks are truly one of our country’s greatest treasures. But many beautiful landmarks have ugly histories.

Over the next few episodes, we’ll learn how good intentions sometimes lead to tragic and violent ends, and how in some instances, dirty business dealings would lead to the preservation of many of our countries greatest natural wonders.

Part 2: Calling in the Cavalry
Part 3: Rough Rider
Part 4: The Great Disaster
Part 5: Playgrounds of the People

1980s Environmentalism & How the Regan-Era Shaped the Natural World
(Apr, 2020)


This week, environmentalism was in the spotlight, thanks to the 50th anniversary of Earth Day.

Over the decades, environmentalism has adapted to new challenges, like increasing levels of greenhouse gases and a swinging pendulum when it comes to federal policy.

But the ’80s exemplified a notable shift in how people, from protestors to president, approached environmental issues. In this episode, dig into the 1980s and explore how actions in both federal policy and grassroots movements shaped environmentalism.

The Land of Our Fathers, Part 1
(Oct, 2019)


More than a century and a half after the promise of 40 acres and a mule, the story of black land ownership in America remains one of loss and dispossession.

June and Angie Provost, who trace their family line to the enslaved workers on Louisiana’s sugar-cane plantations, know this story well. 

The Land of Our Fathers, Part 2

Social Media for Science Communications
(Oct, 2019)

Environmental Studies & Sciences

Dr. David Shiffman talks about the benefits & effectiveness of using Twitter/other types of social media to communicate environmental research, including tips on what to do & importantly, what not to do. 

They also discuss the importance of karaoke … as a stakeholder meeting facilitation tool.

It’s Time to Talk about the Future
(Jul, 2020)

The Dirt Podcast

The archaeology of the future and the future of archaeology. What will excavation look like in 100, 1,000, or 5,000 years? What about human evolution? Culture? Language?

Topics covered:

Chicken bones may be the legacy of our time.Smithsonian

Broiler chicken as symbol of a human reconfigured biosphereRoyal Society Open Science

Edible Insects & Human Evolution – Project MUSE

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