multi-tiered youth involvement

Sourcing inclusive and accessible activities, opportunities and resources covering a wide range of focus areas in the hopes of bridging farms and schools, community gardens and cafeterias .

Highlighting Hidden Figures
Students select topics, periods, or historic figures to write or rewrite about in a youth-edited newsletter.
T[ag] Alongs
Virtual farm hosts engage students by creating a #hashtag project to gamify learning with collaborative projects. 
Animated [Ag]vocacy
Employing stop-motion as an exciting and effective medium for illustrating narratives and communicating powerful messages.
Taking the Trash Back In
Addressing & reimagining household waste impacts
Generación del “Yo No Me Dejo”: en la Granja
Encouraging a generation of truth and advocacy.
We Interrupt this Feed with Food
Content creation in youth-produced PSAs addressing food justice.
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