vying for visibility

Conversations among documentary & nonprofit directors, food & film producers, journalists, influencers and other agricultural (ag) media personalities on moving content among the masses. For starters, this page will host my proposals for potential workshops, conferences & conferences throughout the field. Here’s hoping some will come to fruition down the line –

As always, reach out with thoughts, stories & content suggestions or simply to connect:

Featured speakers*:
Shaena Mallett, Ellen Page, Ingrid Waldron, Tim Hammerich, Dr. David Shiffman, Karen Washington, Zach Johnson, Riley Slivka, Hilde Steffey, Sarah Mock, Megz Reynolds, Jay Hill, Soul Fire Farm, Doreen Bernard

*Presently this page is simply for loose thoughts and proposals for promising collaborations. As yet, individuals mentioned have not been contacted but are being spotlit to bring attention to the work that they do and the type of influential personalities I believe would bring a great deal into the conversation.

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