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From Food Production to Film Production: staging, screening & streaming the big picture. Creating a formal space for thought leaders both within- and outside of the agroecological sphere to cultivate a more well-rounded assembly of perspectives. The following are as yet proposals & loose thoughts for potential topics, guests and workshops for future conferences.

Agroecology + COVID-19

Featured speakers: Clayton Brascoupe, Vandana Shiva, Miguel A. Altieri, Dr. Katia Aviles Vasquez, Stacy Philpott, Margarita Fernandez, Dr. Joshua Paul, Scott Chang-Fleeman

Surveying global agroecological efforts to support pandemic recovery & food sovereignty.

Vying for Visibility

Featured speakers: Shaena Mallett, Ellen Page, Ingrid Waldron, Tim Hammerich, Dr. David Shiffman, Karen Washington, Zach Johnson, Riley Slivka, Hilde Steffey, Sarah Mock, Megz Reynolds, Jay Hill, Soul Fire Farm, Doreen Bernard

Conversations among documentary & nonprofit directors, ag & film producers, journalists, influencers and other ag media personalities on moving content among the masses.

Cultivating Co-Viewership

Featured speakers: Kelly Bixler & Drew Hodges, Heather Henson, Nick Park & Richard Starzak, Jeffrey Addis & Will Matthews, Louis Letterier

Getting on board with family-friendly streaming series through engaging ag-themed content.

Feeding our Armchair Foodies

Featured speakers: Samantha Beddoes, Ella & Matthew Mills, Brian McGinn & David Gelb, The Brothers Buoy
Catering to the growing audiences of food shows, coming to them from the farm.

Main link to program proposal.
Suggestions? All ears.

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