Generación del “Yo No Me Dejo”
Generation “I Will Not Allow It”

Encouraging a generation of truth.
Coming soon.

Inspired by Puerto Rico’s youth movement in response to Hurricane Maria & the activism of Generación de Maria : a sister movement focusing on young U.S. migrant farm workers

These initiatives propose a youth exchange between high school students with an interest in advocacy and teen farm workers from migrant families, many of whom are unable to attend school. 

Seeking to foster a genuine and truthful exchange of experiences and resources, building an education that will benefit both sides.
Participating organizations will connect interested schools with families who are comfortable with sharing their stories.

Participants will have the option of communicating either through letters, email, video or social media.

Our aim is to buoy the unspoken matter of underage migrant workers in the U.S. into the spotlight, share their stories and offer support. 
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